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Invisalign® - Hauppuage, Long Island NY 

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  • What Is Invisalign®

    At our local dental practice, we are proud to offer Invisalign® clear aligners as a solution for healthy, straight teeth. As a certified Invisalign® provider in Long Island, we provide our patients with a convenient, precise and virtually invisible way to achieve the smile they've always wanted. Whether you're looking to correct issues such as overbite, underbite, overly-crowded teeth, or widely-gapped teeth, Invisalign® has you covered.

    How Invisalign® Works?
    Our dental practices utilizes advanced digital imaging technology to create custom-molded Invisalign® trays that fit your teeth perfectly. The trays are swapped out every two weeks, guiding your teeth into proper alignment through a series of predetermined movements. Invisalign® is removable, allowing patients to take them out to eat, brush, floss, and clean their aligners. Simply rinse your aligners with cool water and brush them with a clean toothbrush (no toothpaste) or use a denture cleaner to keep them hygienic. Always ensure your mouth is clean before putting your aligners back on.

    Invisalign® is a popular choice among many adults due to its comfort, convenience, and virtually invisible appearance. Book your appointment today and discover how Invisalign® can help you achieve the straight, healthy smile you deserve.

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